Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Missouri Health Connection Chooses InterSystems HealthShare for Statewide Health Information Network

COLUMBIA, MO--(Marketwire -06/19/12)- Missouri Health Connection (MHC) and InterSystems Corporation today announced that they have entered into an agreement for InterSystems HealthShare™ to be the technology foundation for Missouri Health Connection's (MHC) statewide health information network.

MHC is the state-designated entity chartered to oversee development of Missouri's statewide health information network that will improve public health and patient care, reduce costs and empower patients. InterSystems is a global leader in health information software for connected care, with a track record of success in developing and supporting health information networks in other states and countries.

InterSystems HealthShare is a strategic healthcare informatics platform. It enables sharing of patient information across multiple systems and active analytics to drive informed action. Selection of HealthShare involved an extensive national search and request for proposals by the MHC board of directors.

"Working with InterSystems to build the Missouri Health Connection network will provide health care providers with fast, secure access to electronic health information, and is essential to helping improve the quality and coordination of care," said Melissa Johnsen, Interim President & CEO of Missouri Health Connection.

MHC's HealthShare-based statewide health information network will be used to serve a population estimated at more than six million patients in Missouri.

"InterSystems welcomes the opportunity to work with MHC to develop and deploy a health information network that will support optimal care delivery to healthcare consumers throughout Missouri," said Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems Vice President of Strategic Planning.

"By giving emergency room doctors, for example, instant and secure access to all of a patient's vital medical information, including medications, allergies, and family medical history, doctors can begin to treat them immediately and effectively -- even if the patient is unconscious," said Sandra Johnson, Missouri Health Connection Board chair. "MHC's network can literally help save more lives."

As the first step in implementation, MHC and InterSystems are working with health care provider organizations around the state to launch two key services: Direct secured messaging and the ability to query a patient's records through a secure cloud-based network. Go live is slated for this summer.

About Missouri Health Connection
Missouri Health Connection is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization overseen by a public-private board of directors including members from state government, private healthcare organizations, private practice physicians, professional organizations, and consumer advocacy groups. MHC's statewide network will improve healthcare quality and save more lives by improving the coordination of care and promoting informed decision-making by providers, as well as by giving patients more complete and accurate information about their own healthcare. Implementing the Missouri network is also expected to reduce preventable medical errors, minimize duplication of treatment and procedures, and increase efficiency.

For additional information, please visit www.missourihealthconnect.org. You can also connect with MHC at www.facebook.com/MissouriHealthConnection and www.twitter.com/HealthConnectMO.

About InterSystems
InterSystems Corporation is a global leader in software for connected care, with headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts and offices in 25 countries. InterSystems HealthShare™ is a strategic healthcare informatics platform for information exchange and analytics within a hospital network, and across a community, region or nation. HealthShare leverages InterSystems' iKnow and DeepSee technologies to unlock all patient information, including unstructured data, and to enable real-time analysis. InterSystems CACHÉ® is the world's most widely used database system in clinical applications. InterSystems Ensemble® is a platform for rapid integration and the development of connectable applications.

InterSystems' products are used by thousands of hospitals and laboratories worldwide, including all 17 hospitals on the Honor Roll of America's Best Hospitals as rated by U.S. News and World Report.

For more information, visit InterSystems.com, www.youtube.com/InterSystemsCorp, www.facebook.com/InterSystems, or @InterSystems on Twitter.

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